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Grownup 101


I was reminded this week that I was never given the opportunity to take Grownup 101 in college. Perhaps the administration cut the class for lack of interested students. Or perhaps the problem is in finding reasonable professors. Although it often seems that most anybody will handle the topic on a lesson-by-lesson basis (even for free), surprisingly few are willing to devote conscious effort to it.

One day this week, when I walked out onto my porch in the morning to put on my sneakers and walk the dog, I saw a small boy crumpled up on the road and a bigger boy walking away straightening his hat. Two kids, about the size of the one on the ground, stood over him snickering, saying to the larger boy, “Hey! You know that’s littering don’t you!”

This essay has been published in Just Thinking: Volume I, 10/29/01–10/21/02 and is available in Confidence Place: The Timshel Arts Store.




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