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A Bright Future for Revolution, Part 1


As it happened, on the very day that I settled on a studio in which to record my first professional CD, I finally got around to reading an article that my mother had sent me several weeks earlier. The article, by Warren St. John, from the March 3 New York Times, is about “the vanity CD[, which] has become the cultural equivalent of the novel in the dresser drawer.”

As someone who has self-published a novel and intends to self-finance a CD, this sentiment seems doubly disparaging to me. Mr. St. John suggests that such self-doers as myself “walk the line between hope and delusion.” Steve Rosenthal, a studio owner interviewed for the article, proclaims that “the threshold of talent for making a CD is very low”; another owner, Will Schillinger, confides that it is “‘sheer torture’ to listen to some would-be artists.” These statements suggest that I am, at best, in poor company.

This essay has been published in Just Thinking: Volume I, 10/29/01–10/21/02 and is available in Confidence Place: The Timshel Arts Store.




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