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Singing my song to painted walls

This is a collection of the four demo tapes that I recorded from '94–'96 put on CD. OK, so itís no secret that a higher quality medium will bring out more of the flaws of a performance (or, perhaps, take away some excuses for the flaws), and there are a whole lot of flaws to be found on this CD. I hadnít always the patience that I have now, nor had I the equipment. Still, Iíve never been an audiophile. As with old scratchy recordings of jazz performances, it isnít so much the quality of the recording that I listen for. Iím concerned about the quality of the thoughts ó the ideas. So, I request only, as you listen to this CD, that you forgive the recordings for the sake of the music. Because it is, or ought to be if it isnít, the music and the ideas that are important.

This CD-R is no longer available for regular purchase. If you would like a copy please contact Justin Katz (information available above).

Special thanks to Doug Fallone of Mr. Chu for his expertise in helping to produce songs 2, 5, 8, 16, and 17 and playing bass and electric guitar on song 2 and acoustic guitar, drums, and electric guitar on song 5.

Play All (HiFi) (LoFi)


1. The God of Thunder

2. Too Good to Be True (HiFi) (LoFi) (Download)

3. I'm Only in Love

4. Being Close (HiFi) (LoFi) (Download)

5. Crazy Child (HiFi) (LoFi) (Download)

6. Do You Believe?

7. On the Outside Looking In

8. A Look at Us (HiFi) (LoFi) (Download)

9. Forgiveness


10. The Greatest Imagination (HiFi) (LoFi) (Download)

11. Shadows in the Snow

12. Sorry (maybe it would have been easier)

13. I Don't Want to Be Loved

14. Another Broken Man

15. Last Exit Before the City

16. Midnight Rolls Around (HiFi) (LoFi) (Download)

17. Chasing the Tail

18. The End, OK?