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My belief about books: a work should be as long or short as its ideas require it to be. Even though, technically, I've been a book writer for several years now, I'm still only two books deep, a long novel and a short work of creative literary criticism. I'm excited at my beginning, and I think you will be as well.

Short Stories

Shorter works can obviously not cover as much ground as books, so the focus must be more on a few emotions, ideas, lessons, etc. Short works of fiction seem to me to be ideal for communication through what can be sensed, vaguely or overtly, on the edges of the story. A good tale can be great, but it's all the better when readers put it down with thoughts simmering in their heads.


As with short stories, short essays need to be focused in their messages. The main difference, as I see it, is that essays allow the writer to make a more direct statement. Fiction leaves room for interpretation, but nonfiction requires more specificity.


To my way of thinking, poems are like breezes that carry a memory in a fragrance. The words themselves can be mellifluous or evoke beautiful images, but the real treasure is the stricken note within the reader... rather, a chord which can merely be enjoyed or can be pondered.