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Justin Katz Consulting Services

Special Offer

Just Thinking: Volume I & A Whispering Through the Branches

Anne DuBose Joslin

Ambushed: Why George Herbert Walker Bush Really Lost in 1992

Justin Katz

Just Thinking: Volume I, 10/29/01–10/21/02

A Whispering Through the Branches: A Symphony Without Music I

Tackling Moby-Dick: A Literary Analysis in Three Acts

The Redwood Review

Donation to The Redwood Review

Number of copies ($5 minimum each): 2003 2002

Justin Katz

Singing my song to painted walls (CD-R)

Victor Lams

Robot Love (CD)


Beyond Words

Mr. Chu

Chu’s Next

Joe Parillo

Sand Box

Morning in the Garden

The Angels Gather

Block Island Summer

Almost Carefree



Rosin Coven

Live in the Pagan Lounge


Various Artists

SF2000 Time Capsule

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