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Two Seagulls

Note: "Two Seagulls" was first published, in a slightly varied form, in the Autumn/Winter 1998 Issue (#12) of Syncopated City, Pg. 22.

Across the way two seagulls flew,
And graced the sunlit water each.
I, dock-side-stranded, thought of you,
And heights that weathered wings might reach.
With the thought a smile came,
Found and formed 'mongst yet-to-comes,
Where every moment's picture framed
As sun and moon count eternal sums.

Sun rises to a private vision,
Beauty 'cross the pillow seen,
Moon brings carefree candle fission,
And the days pass loving in between.
Through those days, you, like the sun,
Rise above angelically:
The way you smile at everyone,
Such difference when you smile at me.

By the time my thoughts arrived,
And settled so on rich brown eyes;
Just as something in me stirred,
Within reach was I from each bird.
But the proud pair fled as if in alarm.
It occurred to me as they withdrew,
That I can fly with wings disarmed,
And I wondered if the seagulls knew.

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