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Myself I am an emperor.

Myself I am an emperor,
the lord of all I see.
For all there is what value hast,
But what it means to me.
Just so each person holds
And ranks their kingdoms thus,
In separate realities:
Our own empire each of us!

A mansion or a simple box
Could as a castle be.
On fields of green within our heads
Each lord may roam as free.
A town is raised for each sweet mood,
In dungeons kept a darker side.
Hedge maze to sunset water leads
With gazebos for to pensive hide.

But my empire is dark and cold,
And thorns on all I see.
My forests, 'deed the very walls,
Are over-run with lack of thee.
In my court an empty throne,
A coup-d'etat, a lover's trial.
For all I have what value hast
If toppled absent with a smile?

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