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Animation and Games

Victor Lams proves himself to be more clever out of the gate with multimedia technology than many who've used it for a while. In many ways, he makes a compelling argument for unemployment... at least his. (Have I mentioned that Confidence Place sells his CD without taking a cut, so all money that doesn't go to PayPal or to the Post Office goes to him?)

Nonetheless, the cleverer the person, the higher the bar required to offer them something for which to shoot. To that end, I direct your attention to Orisinal. Each little square that you'll see there is a different game, some of which brought a tear to my eye. Yes, I'm a sap, but play through some of the games, and at least you'll see what I mean. The combination of music, animation, and breath-taking scenery is a thing to behold.

(Many thanks to Sheila Lennon for directing my attention to Orisinal.)

Posted by Justin Katz @ 08:46 PM EST