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Leaving National Security Up to "Vigilantes"

You've gotta love liberal-mediaism. Including the title, the word "vigilante" is used seven times in this 374-word Reuters article in the Washington Post about private border-control groups' using aerial drones to track illegal border crossers. Of course, outside of the comic-book universe, "vigilante" has a bad, almost criminal, connotation.

To be fair, the article does refer to border crossers as "illegal immigrants," but the subsequent text softens it:

Hundreds of thousands of illegal Mexican immigrants cross the border in search of work every year. Three vigilante groups, some of them armed, have sprung up in Arizona in the last three years to monitor the border and hand over any illegal immigrants they find to U.S. Border Patrol agents.

Obviously, these armed wackos are intent on harassing people who are only in search of work — you know, to feed starving babies and puppies — and who, technically, are referred to as "illegal immigrants."

As for the content of the article, I say: "Go vigilantes!" Hopefully, before things get out of hand, our supposed leaders will realize that they are severely shirking their duty when private citizens are investing in the latest in surveillance equipment to guard the nation's borders.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 09:51 PM EST