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No Back and Forth, Only the Slow Slide to Disbelief

Providence Journal blogger Sheila Lennon has taken a particular interest in "Baghdad blogger" Salam Pax and done some investigating. I think I'd read that Salam's mail comes from Beirut before, but Lennon had a bit of interaction with the man himself (if whoever it is is the man himself).

On most uncertain topics about which I don't have a major concern, I find that my impression generally swings back and forth depending on evidence — from "real" to "not real" and back. With Salam Pax, however, I find that everything I hear brings just enough subtle incredulity for me to only slide further into disbelief. Consider this exchange:

>your idioms American.

MTV and the american movies are the new global religion. i don't try it just comes out like that.

>> Salam, where did you learn such flawless English?

before 9-11 i would have said I am what you call a citizen of the global village, i have lived in here and there, speak arabic english and german. now i just feel like someone who has lost all identity by trying real hard to be from no particular place.

>And... what's the reaction to your blog in Baghdad?

if they knew it existed I wouldn't be blogging anymore, I would probably be finding out what it feels like to have electricity running thru various body parts.

A little too pat — a little too cryptic.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 08:52 AM EST