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Vlogging Goes Interactive

Tomorrow (actually, today for those who go to bed at reasonable hours on a Wednesday night), I intend to create a vlog that will establish some conventions that I intend to follow as well as act as a quick tutorial on adding links to vlogs to make them interactive. However, I've added links to "The Independent Will Inherit the Market," so if you can't wait, check it out. I didn't add any visual cues when a link appears, but it's pretty obvious: whenever there's something worth linking to, like a CD, I did so. You can also tell because your mouse pointer will change (if in motion) from an arrow to a pointing finger.

A couple of slips on the learning curve led to a moment of distortion toward the beginning in the file as well as an inability to easily create a dial-up–friendly version, so, for this particular video, high-speed connections are advisable. The only drawback that won't go away with future vlogs is that you'll need to download the free RealOne player (look on the right side of the linked page). That isn't entirely a drawback because Real Networks has moved so far ahead of the latest Windows Media Player that it's worth having, anyway. It's a quick install.

Please don't hesitate to email or comment with any problems so that I can work toward resolving them — or mitigating them — as I go. Enjoy!

Posted by Justin Katz @ 12:09 AM EST