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More on Gore

As a newcomer to the world of political "analysis" (the quotation marks are certainly required in my case), I honestly can't answer this question: does the latest common tack among Democrats, attacking the media as a devotee of the Right, indicate a coordinated initiative or an instance of bandwagon-hopping? Either way, it strikes me — simultaneously — as a usurpation of right-wingers' frequent complaints (e.g., media bias and postmodernism) and a projected description of the Democrats' activity (pushing a message out through media and other friends).

Personally, without going as far as conspiracy theorizing, I think Al Gore, if not the Democratic party, is in the initial stages of a scripted strategy. His comments line up with what I've heard about the content of his book to suggest that Gore isn't "lettin' 'er rip." As the book attempts to claim that Gore is "pro-family" by redefining what "family" means, so too is he attempting to shift the definitions of the broader political debate.

Speaking of conspiracies, there's something unsettling about the semblance of today's cartoon in the Arab News to the ex–Vice President's comments. Just change the Star of David to a sketch of an elephant.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 10:27 AM EST