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A Victory Blog

With the dragging force in the United States government broken (though far from an inadvisable defeat), I am optimistic about the future. Americans made a statement yesterday that our elites must hear — even those who do their best to deny it. A friend asked me why I thought the Republicans did so well. My answer: they're more right.

Americans are waking up from the haze of the past few decades. They are waking up because they have seen the necessity that we take back our country from the perverts. We must take back our country from the socialists. Take back our country from the profligates, the liars, and the cheats. Take it back from the lawyers and delusional academics. Take it back from the special interest groups and the hucksters and the greedy cloying sneaks who have gained their places by tripping others through use of false promises, false statements, and false ideas. And we must give it back to the people — the magnificent people of the United States of America.

We have the opportunity to push through to a better future, and we must not waste it by losing sight of our ideals amidst the clutter of victory. The opposition still exists, and it still has some worthwhile points to make. We must continue with the strategies that have brought us through the Twentieth Century Fog: honesty, integrity, truth, and faith — and standing for something, having a plan. We must not slip into apathy.

Perhaps it would be more correct to say that we must not be overpowered by the forces among us whom our detractors might call "the conservative country-clubbers." They are within our ranks. Also within our ranks are the bigots and moneygrubbers whom the other side raises as our image, though they are a dramatic minority. We must keep our principles ever out before us so that these corrupting voices will be as whispers in comparison to their call.

In large part, this movement is meant to reclaim that which was good in the distant past, but which has been lost in the blind rush toward change. The family, faith, and economic and social freedom, to name a few. In seeking that reclamation, however, we must not allow a creeping recidivism to undermine the gains in social equality and charitable intentions that the recent past undeniably accrued.

With too much layered onto the image of Lady Liberty, we now have the opportunity to peal off the slough and stride toward confidence, security, and better lives for all citizens of the United States of America and, by extension, the world.

Posted by Justin Katz @ 11:32 AM EST